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Integrate World Taximeter in your site

We have a lightweight version of our search engine that can be embedded within an iframe in any website. Don't worry about the technical stuff, copy-paste it's all you need to add this widget to your website.

You can see a live example of this integration in Reiseplaneten's travel guide for London or New York.

If you are interested in allowing your users to find out how much will it cost them to get to your shop/hotel/conference/garage/concert/... by taxi, drop us a line to and we'll email you back the code to embed the worldtaximeter form in your site.

World Taximeter in the press

World Taximeter has been featured in different media outlets, including:







Thanks to Eirik Hektoen for proof reading and correcting our pityful English.
Thanks to Tilman for providing useful data for our Berlin calculator.
Thanks to our mates at for their help on the approximate calculators.

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